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Coyote's Natural Medicine was born out of the need for organic skin healing products and our native ancestry.  As parents of five children we were not satisfied with petroleum based skin ointments, chemical preservative cough medicines, and pain relief products that had undesireable side effects.  It has expanded from family herbalism to community herbalism to the Global Market Place!  We remain a home-spun creative force that allows us to love and nurture the creation of all our products 

Bruce Johnson,(Coyote) has an extensive background including a Bachelors in Pharmacy, 20 Years as a dispensing Pharmacist, 15 Years as a Compounding Specialist, 40 years as a Master Gardener & Herbalist. Coyote spends his time growing medicinal herbs, vegetables, and an incredible variety of blooming vegetation. Many of Coyote's Natural Medicine Products are hand blended using Organic plants that have been grown in our garden. This insures the integrity of all of our products. Coyote's Natural Medicine Products are compounded using Pharmaceutical production standards, and each herb is prepared properly in accordance with each plants properties.

Kelli Johson has an extensive background in herbalism and midwifery - a Bachelors in Midwifery: serving her community for over 25 years, delivering over 1000+ babies.  Using herbalism as a partner in her care of midwifery clients and their families has greatly aided her effectiveness and hands-on results in creating healing and balance, reducing pain and speeding the healing process.  Using techniques and recipes from her many teachers, experience being the greatest teacher.